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First ever Parkrun tomorrow instead of Week 5 Run 3 - is this a good decision?

I've decided to do my first Parkrun tomorrow and I'm now wondering if it's too soon? I have been achieving around 4.5k during my normal C25k run/walks so I should be able to do 5k in a reasonable time? Though the longest I've run for is 8 minutes so far. According to Mapmyrun my pace is 7-8 minutes per kilometre including walking.

Slightly worried that I've also picked what could be the hottest day of the year for my debut!

Any advice gratefully received!

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Take it easy and treat it as a normal weeks run. Hottest day!!! Not in the north ;-)


no you'll be fine. Enjoy it. Suggest you take it easy at the start from the back of the pack and don't get tempted to go with the faster runners see how it goes. No harm in walking a bit.


Ooh, good luck! And let us all know how you get on.

Your running sounds a mirror image of mine with pace and distance (my morning weekday route is about 5.5k depending on how mapmyrun feels on the day) and i haven't been able to break the 20 min 'glass ceiling' again after trying to move on after successfully doing w5r3. In fact I seem to be going backwards and am able to only do max 12 mins at a time now lol. So I was considering doing a park run to give me a boost and hopefully get me started on the post w6 long runs. Also my local park run is nice and flat ;-)

Have fun! Everyone says the park runs are fun. Are you doing it on your own? That's scaring me as I won't know anyone.



Oh dear! Only did one lap due to pulled calf muscle and total lack of breath caused by going at my friend's pace and not mine. On reflection I wish I'd gone alone. But at least I know what to expect next time. Anyone know the best treatment for a pulled calf muscle? RICE?


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