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Feeling fed up, is it getting too hard - some inspiration!

For all of you who have got to the long runs and are finding it hard, I feel for you. As I have blogged, until week 7 I have found this program to be really great and have advanced with little trouble....and then I hit week 7. God I found it hard!!!!!!! I managed to complete the week but I really didn't enjoy it and for the first time questioned my ability to get to graduation. Today was meant to be my first run of week 8 but I was procrastinating all day making excuses not to go. Then about 5. O clock I though sod lets go. Well I'm glad I did as it was the best run I have done in the whole 8 weeks!! I decided to go nice and slow, so slow in fact that when Laura told me I was half way I was not even at the previous half way point during week 7; however I didn't care as I was feeling really good and enjoying my run for the first time in a while! On the way back I gradually upped my pace and when Laura told me to stop I sprinted for another minute...I know that sounds really good but it was down a big hill!!!! Anyhow for anyone who is finding it hard I hope you get some hope that it can get better. The key is pace, keep it nice and slow and you can up your pace once you have graduated.

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It feels great when you have a good run doesn't it, but those hard runs are hard aren't they :-)


Well done, I am only wk4 r2 today and it's raining, so I'm procrastinating as to why I don't wanna go! :( so u inspired me to try anyway x


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