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Run 3, Week 1 tomorrow - getting worried

Hiya All,

Am i the only person who really struggled with Week 1? I do my runs early morning before other half and kids are awake and enjoy it being so quiet. I am 30, very unfit and haven't ran EVER (even at school in Cross country i was ALWAYS atthe back with a stitch!). I am however DETERMINED that i will do this, i feel epic when i am back, after my shower and for the rest of the day and i am trying desperately to keep up - but must admit to R2 being HARD and on a couple of the runs i simply slowed before Lauras voice came on (and i mean by about 5 seconds max!).

I dont feel very energised at that time in the morning, and we live half way up a valley so I use the 5 min brisk walk going up an incredibly steep hill to get somewhere flattish to run.

I have lost a stone recently but i am still over 14 stone (and 5'5) and therefore overweight. I am enjoying a new healthier lifestyle - i just keep reading how everyone is loving the running - does the mental barrier get better? as thats what i feel it is.

Also should i eat a banana or similar for an instant energy burst say 15-20 mins before i do the run as i wont of eaten since around 6pm the previous night...would this help?

Thanks for reading.......

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Well done for completing week one. I am the same, at school I was always the last picked, never managed to complete any cross country runs and my brothers always beat me in any 5k races we got entered for, meaning I hate running

I have just completed W3R1. When I started the first run I managed to complete it but was begging for the podcast to end and could not see how I could possibly run any further than 60secs at a time. I was determined to continue and completed W2, finding R2 really easy but struggling on R3 which confused me, how can I go from feeling I could run alot further on R2 to barely being able to complete R3?

The run today was really hard, due to working shifts I've not managed to complete any earlier in the week and I've now got to do a run tomorrow with no rest day which I am dreading.

Each week I start looking at the next week and start dreading it, always going in to it thinking how on earth I am going to run for that long, perhaps I should go in to it thinking I can do it.

A MASSIVE congrats on losing a stone, that is brilliant and you WILL be able to do this, A banana might help, I have done this and felt better for eating something and I also drink a pint of water before I go as well.

Hope that helps you know you are not alone, I don't love running either but I am going to do this, you will too !!


First of all, well done for getting started and WOW! losing a stone. You sound very determined and have already experienced that fab feeling you get when you've done a run.

I think a banana or something is good before you go out for your run. I also have a cuppa and a glass of water.

I was like you, a complete PE drop out at school. But there is hope, as I am now on W7! It hasn't been easy but I have kept going, mainly due to the fantastic support of the C25K community.

Just follow the programme and trust Laura - she prepares you for every stage of the plan, and share your experiences on here. You will be fine to move on to the next week's plan.

You can do it! Good luck.


Well done eatenmessjoggingfit ! I'm a few weeks ahead of you (Week 4) and almost 30 years older than you (age 58) and yes - it is soooooo hard, but the benefits are amazing. I wish I had started at 30. I don't hate running any more (hopeless at school) and am sleeping better, looking better and feeling better. The support from the community is amazing - addictive even, so keep on running, you really can do it :-)


You are doing great! Im 31 and did my first run of week 1 today. i was well pooped afterwards but just kept thinking it wasnt made to be a doddle but it isnt impossible. Like u i leave early 6am and could do with losing 4 stone! I had a banana before i left this morning straight b4 i ran and felt like i was gonna puke half way through so i might have it earlier or after my next sessions run. Keep at it :-D


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