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can i just say thank you for adding this area?

its great as more of a discussion board and seems nicer than blogging as a seperate post - especialy as i am not a blogger usually!

i wanted to start a thread about how people have found it since graduating and felt it wasnt really a question - but i am really interested to hear if anyone else has struggled since graduation? ive found it hard as i dont think i am progressing. i felt quite disheartend that i havent managed to travel as far as during week 9. i know its been hot and everything but wondering if anyone has had sucess with the new podcasts? im sorry to say ive only tried stepping stones (once) and didnt really get along with it. or should i start week 1 again as others have and try to step up the speed?

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I too struggled with Stepping Stones, it was my first 'run' after graduation last week but it was a bit faster than my usual pace and I was breathless very quickly. I stopped halfway through and haven't tried it again! I haven't let it put me off though, I have gone back to my original plan of redoing some of the podcasts but at a faster pace. So far I have done that twice plus a 25 min run at my usual pace. I think at the minute I would miss the structure of the podcasts and would still quite easily be tempted to go back to the sofa but I guess we all have to find what works for us. I am also hoping to get to a parkrun every few weeks to see if my speed is improving as I need to set myself some mini goals and I am hoping the variety of runs/podcasts will keep me going :D

I hope you can find what works for you ~ good luck :)


thanks - im tempted to redo the podcasts too, have seen lots of posts with people mentioning this. i have registered with Parkrun but havent been as yet!


I found stepping stones too fast for me by the time it got to the end. I'd like to go further but not necessarily faster -( I'm 61- how fast do I want to go!) so I'm doing c25k again and using the walking bits to run at my normal speed and the running parts to go faster so I maintain fitness and improve stamina, but don't exhaust myself. I like the idea of someone keeping an eye on the time for me so I go faster when I'm told to, but I can't keep up with the 150+ bpm on the stepping stones podcasts.


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