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C25k+ Intervals on an unfamiliar treadmill!

I was in a hotel last night which had a small fitness room (2 treadmills and a slightly strange cycling machine) and a swimming pool so I decided to try the intervals podcast from C25K+ on the machine. I wasn't too sure how the running machine worked and some of the buttons seemed to have worn out. It also seemed to be working to a pre-programmed set of speeds and have a bit of a mind of it's own. However, not wanting to give up I persevered using the up and down speed buttons which did seem to work albeit with a considerable lag. I eventually settled on a setting of somewhere about 10-12 for the fast bits and about 5 for the slower sections.

As to keeping time as instructed by Laura, most of the time I couldn't hear the beat for my footfall and general panting. However I certainly worked up a sweat and a lot of the time was holding on to the side arms in case the machine took a sudden spurt and threw me off.

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I'm going away at the end of August and was thinking of using the hotel facilities, but I might just opt for a run in the country side!

On the treadmill you should attach the red clip to your clothes just for security.


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