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Week 1 so far

The sun decided not to come up at a decent hour on Monday, so I just gave up waiting and went to bed. I finally got out during early evening and did half the amount of running suggested - I swapped the rest for fast walking as I was really struggling (injury playing up). I then went home and danced in more of a cardio way (dance being rubbish for cardio as it's in short bursts) for half an hour and stretched afterwards.

Tuesday was a 30-minute walk and a light stretch.

I'm just back from the second actual run, modified slightly as I haven't retrieved the holder for my ipod from my mum's house so I just had to use my watch timer. It vibrates at whatever interval you set, but the lowest is 2 minute so I had breaks of two minutes between each run.

It wasn't too bad until the last couple of runs and the very last one was a struggle because I had a stitch. My legs, arms, abs etc. were all fine (I'm muscular even for a dancer, strength is my "strength" in dance) though a little tired towards the end. I'm a lot more hopeful now that I've tried it and not died! Hopefully I'll be able to do it properly on Friday, ipod and all.

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