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trying to run with dogs

now i have sort of found my feet and completed my 9 wks.and been on treadmill most of the time decided this week to go while taking the dogs out on there 2 dogs both on extendable leads which i tie to my bum bag so im not holding the leads . trouble is i have my walking boots on as going over fields and dont want getting wet feet. i doubt running in walking boots is the best thing . any tips on running with dogs if you do do it. just thought it would be nice to venture outside . ;-)

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Good excuse to buy some trail shoes! ;-)


Before I started C25K, I had been breaking into a run while walking my dog, although he's a fit (not over weight) labrador, he'd run with me quite nicely for a while but when he'd had enough he just wouldn't run. It must have looked quite comical me trying to run and him pulling back on the lead not wanting to run.


I started C25K in walking boots. I was a few weeks in before I got running shoes. Is there any particular reason why you don't want to get wet feet? I run through mud or water almost up to my knees sometimes, it's quite a laugh. (I am glad of non-running days to give my shoes chance to dry out)

I have never run without my dog. I carry a 'Muksak' for any canine offerings (running with a swinging bag of faeces in my hand would seem a little demotivating) I prefer going places where she can go off lead and I've had a few rotten runs when she has not run nicely onlead and has constantly yanked after some scent or bird but generally she gets the message that we're on my mission not hers. I use a training lead for runs rather than my extendable lead.


i normaly got a bum bag with me but that just ends up getting loose and raising up from my hips then starts swinging about.. then i am trying to time my self for 30mins


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