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Week 8 Runs 1,2, & 3 - the best yet!!

Loved this week, felt like it was all coming together. Run 1 was done on holiday and the change of scene was wonderful even if I did get slightly lost and ended up doing the first 7-8 minutes uphill - a killer! Second run back home was best ever. Felt so good at the end of the 28mins I carried on and ran for another five - 33 mins in total - unbelievable!! Last run of W8 this morning was fine but not my favourite running weather, too warm (can't believe I'm complaining after the rubbish summer we've had!).

Week 9 starts tomorrow night - wow - never thought I'd reach that!

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i did the first run of week 9 today and managed 4.76K, sounds like you will breeze week 9!! well done!!


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