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w5 complete

wow just stunned myself and ran for 20 minutes without stopping. Laura was right it is a mental game and you do need faith in your body. After the first 5 minutes the pain in my calfs had subsided and i was just plodding along in my own world.The kids were alongside me on their bikes babbling on but i didnt hear them and it was great.I did get a stitch but i was able to work through it with breathing exercises. It has been the hardest week for me so far but i am pleased as 6 weeks or so(i had a few wobbles) I couldnt run for 60 seconds without going blue! my speed is slow but I takecomfort that I completed the 20 minutes so i will take that for now and work on the speed another time.Roll on week 6

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Fantastic, well done you! :-)

Dont worry at all about "speed", building up the length of time you run for is key and speed is something that will improve with time.


Well done, so pleased for u! I hav just done wk 3 r3 and can't believe I'm managing 3 minutes! It is def mental and not so much physical, although I am popped after every run and it takes all my energy to keep up with the kids for the rest of the day! Lol


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