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Week 5 R2 Who would have thought it !

I fit into a dress now which 3 months ago I struggled to do up. Just wanted to share that first as I am very proud of myself. :D

Now, inspired by the above I did tonights session of two 8min runs (slow jogs) and actually found it fairly good. The fact it was cool when I went out helped. And I even managed to speed up towards the end of the final run and felt I could do more.

The 20mins non stop in the third run of the week will be a challenge, but tonight after the progress I've made I really feel up for it.

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Well done you

I am exactly the same point as you and apart from 1 blip in the 3rd week I've really surprised myself. I now have to stop myself running everyday as I've been told if you don't have a rest day your body doesnt repair properly and you can get injuries.


That's good to hear, I'll be doing W5R2 tomorrow at 7am. I found the 3X5min runs of run 1 OK. Still can't believe how far I've come since week 1. So now not only am I a diet bore telling everyone how fantastic Tesco Diets is, I'm now a C25K bore too.


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