Broke a bone in my foot!

Broke a bone in my foot!

I do lots in the gym and wanted to add a bit of running. I live next to a park so used to pop out late evening and run up or down, depending on my mood, it is very hilly. Trouble is there are some very steep bits and so of course I had to run up them too. Everyone else does it but I had to jump on a tussock of grass and my foot went 'ouch'. I know that feeling, it happened in an aquaeribocs once, but then it was a tendon. This time I took myself down to the nearest clinic and they just said it certainly wouldn't be broken as that was very rare and the foot was flexible etc., they then did an xray. Hello broken bone in foot! That has not made me very confident where running is concerned. I got some stouter shoes but usually running shoes are quite light and flexible. Anyway got past that and had gone back to trampolining. Rather scary when you are an adult of any age, but guess what I did? Actually nothing. I was sitting on the trampoline bed having executed a seat drop badly and now on my bottom. I was going to bounce myself up and, yes, another 'ouch'. I got off the trampoline and thought I must have dislocated my little toe as the webbing had pulled against it as I moved my foot to bounce up. I hadn't dislocated it but I had damaged a sinew or something and that was more painful & difficult to deal with and took longer to heal that the broken bone. I am not usually accident prone but since then I have done no significant running and no trampolining. I really don't feel comfortable running anyway, I feel out of control and my legs seem to go where they want. I get out of breath quite quickly and can't really improve on a 5 mins, let alone 5k. I can walk fast and without trouble up and down hill, but watch this space as I plan to go back to tramplining and, well, let's call it jogging then, rather than running - and 'no' the picture is not the trampolining I do - that was an effort to do something similar whilst on holiday in Tenerife!


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4 Replies

  • Not sure if all these injuries happened to the same foot but anyway, ouch and double ouch!

    It may well be a good plan of action to give both your feet a good long rest to ensure good recovery. Use those stout shoes for walking, its a very good exercise and in time who knows you may be able to try jogging again. Good luck and I hope you stay accident free.

  • Thanks for the kind words. It was the same foot as it happens but a year apart and the one I did in aqua was a long time ago on the other foot, the former was two years ago. I don't end up doing a lot of walking as I am in the gym most of the time. so don't them feel in the mood to go off on a trek! The stouter shoes are actually running shoes and I have done a bit of joggin in them and use them for Zumba as they don't come to a standstill when I stop moving, as other running shoes, but when I walk, which is more to get from a to b, I tend to use shaped sandals or my shoes make my feet puffy. So there's me walking along in my capri's thinking I look wonderful and then I see my little puffy feet. Not pretty. I guess accidents tend to be par for the course if you do a lot of exercise. I am always tripping over raised tiles in the pool too. I think they see me coming.

  • You sound very fit and active to me, well done. I found my trainers were no go for Zumba cos my knees turned when doing a fast turn but my feet didn't due to the tread, so was causing knee pain something terrible, ended up buying proper Zumba shoes (dance shoe) very light, flexible and let your feet slide when turning etc. Keep up the good work, I hope you manage to stay free from injury from now on.

  • So were you actually doing the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts? It sounds as though you may be more in need of the 5k to Couch version suggested here recently!

    I once got my nose and my big toe stuck in a trampoline simultaneously, in the days when they were mesh.

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