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Stupid earphones!

So, on to W2R2 on a hot summer's Friday after work. The run felt a bit tougher in the heat but I thought it felt quicker as well - Laura was instructing me to do my 5 min warm down before I knew it!

My only gripe of the day was the "sports headphones" I had bought for my mp3 player. Admittedly they were the cheaper end of the market (£12) but they are terrible! They are the ear buds with plastic hooky bits which go round the top of your ear. The first 5 minutes of my run were spent repeatedly reinserting them in my ears until I somehow managed to get them to stay in place. Has anyone any recommendations for either better earphones, or a method to help keep them in? I'd thought about sticking plasters/tape but it seems a bit extreme!

The other thing I enjoyed about the run was no matter how swollen, red, blotchy and sweaty my face was, and no matter how many weird looks I got looking this way when I was doing the walking bits, I still would've chosen that over sitting in traffic in a hot stuffy car on a Friday afternoon, which so many of the people throwing me strange looks were doing!

Next step is my W2R3 when I'll be doing my first morning run. In my gym going days, I found I had much less energy in the mornings so it will be interesting to see if this holds true for my running too.

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I had the same problem, my ear buds kept turning somehow and I wouldn't hear properly through them. I bought a set of the old-fashioned over-your-head kind, they're very light and solved the problem for me. Good luck! I'm repeating W2R3 tomorrow, last time was my first 'proper' run outside, so we're at the same stage!


I have Philips sports ear buds which seem to work very well. Once I have the bud in my ear and the loop over the ear I gently squeeze the loop which fixes it in place. The other thing you might want to try is a head sweat bandto hold the ear buds in place. I only ever wear one headphone as I like to hear what is going on around me, a safety precaution I feel is needed for a lone woman runner, also busy roads to cross. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


Thanks Mitts and Oldgirl for your great advice; I'll be trying out your tips tomorrow. Good luck for tomorrow Mitts, i'll be running outside too so hopefully the weather will hold up! :)


I have panasonic sports headphones not expensive local argos. They stay in well and sound quality is fine. I did my wk2 run 2 today 9 am and it was getting warm but there was shade along riverbank - a beautiful day really helps motivation. Good luck with run 3.


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