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W6R3 Done,yeah, I'm a real runner instead of a pretend or paper one!!

The first few minutes were awful...I really felt tired and that I might not be able to do it. Luckily, witiin a few minutes I got going. Up the 'slope' I went, frightened a man on his drive, I think he thought there was a steam train coming! I'd turned the volume down on my mp3 player and now know that I must have been waking all the sleeping householders as I ran past! Did my usual run up and down the lane then I went along a couple of fields. I was so pleased when Laura said '5 minutes to go'. Hooray, this was ok. AND I'm on the way to changing my route. I'm going to try and stick to roads so I can measure my distance.

W7 here I come!

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Well done! I did 6 Run 2 today so trying for Run 3 sun or Mon. Quite nervous so will let u know how I get on x


Well done, it's another one of those mental barrier moments. I have to say I'm a bit apprehensive about doing all long runs from here on, but I'm trying to have confidence in myself and the plan.

I know what you mean about encountering other people! When I did W6R3 yesterday I felt I sounded like a T.Rex thumping through the woods, I sort of croaked out 'Good morning' to another runner and I am grateful he didn't smirk at me as I shufffled by on the last 5 minutes of the run. Ah well, onwards.....


I know what you mean! Think I'm getting noisier so W7's really going to disturb the peace!


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