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Ready for my w6r3?Well, thought I was until I saw the words in print!

I'm now really nervous about tomorrow's run. I still feel I should run up the lane but I'm going to have to come down and go back again. Sadly, I don't feel that I'm really getting any fitter really. I could drag the dog down the road and run along the canal but she's really difficult to encourage. I'm going to have to get a long stick, hang a sausage from one end, and then hold it in front of her! Now that could work!

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Well, it would certainly work for me - and I don't even have a dog.


Let me know where you live, it can be arranged!


Try not to feel nervous! If you've made it this far your body should definitely be ready for it :) remember it's a mental game too - tell yourself you can do it and you will! Just take it slow and see what you can achieve :)

Also I would definitely run for sausages. Good luck!


Sausages? Now, if it was chocolate on the end of the stick!


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