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Quite upset

i completed week 1 last friday but decided to repeat it because i had a friend who wanted to start c25k this week. we have done r1 and 2 and now i have quite bad knee pain. i'm gutted as it means i wont be able to run with her tomorrow and if it's not better i wont be able to start w2 with her on monday. this is only the 2nd time in my life i've actually commited myself to getting fit (gave up smoking on the 14 june) and i'm really disappointed that i'm going to have to give it up until it's better. i was looking forward to w2 :-(

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Have you chosen a different surface to run on? Sometimes paths can be quite hard on you especially when you are just starting out. As this is the second time you have done week 1 have you done anything different? Could you try somewhere softer (grassy park?) and maybe power walk alongside your friend so you are building stamina? A knee support may be a useful investment too. I would also say check your trainers to make sure they are well cushioned and if you are planning on continuing with the programme a pair of specially fitted running trainers would be invaluable, although I waited until week 4 to buy mine as I wanted to make sure I was committed to the programme, as they can work out fairly expensive if you need a lot of support like me.

Could you maybe try some swimming or cycling (non weight bearing) exercises to try and help with the pain?

Apart from rest & anti inflammatories, I'm not really sure what else you could do to help? Don't give up though, this programme is amazing, just make sure you pace yourself. :)


I know you have to be carefull with you knees but I am using Arnica gel, it's a natural product. Usually I do not really believe in those natural thing but this gel works perfectly!


I agree with doggymum about the surfaces. I did well for the first few weeks and was running on pavements and then got hit by problems. I now do part road and park track/pathways and so far so good.


apart from my first run which was on paths all the rest have been on grass. i'm pretty sure it's my old trainers that are the problem. i had planned on buying some proper running shoes today. i really wish that i'd waited till i had the shoes before i started. i did try a knee support and it was ok for the first 3/4 60 second runs but i think i was adjusting my posture because it made my other leg ache. i'm still going to get the shoes today and i'll pick up some arnica gel at the same time. i've tried an ibuprofen gel but i think that probably works better on muscular pain and this isn't muscular.


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