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Not run for almost a week :o(

I did w8r2 on Monday. On Tuesday the wnd was blowing a gale and it was persisting it down, so I decided to stay in bed rather than run. It was the same yesterday and this morning. Tonight it was looking better but I somehow managed to hurt my back. It's not too bad, but I don't think running would be a good idea. I hope tomorrow is better. I'm setting the clock for 5am and I want to be able to finish week 8!

Only 2 months until my big race, so I need to be training hard. Hope the weather's better next week so I can graduate!

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It will be fine - I hope your back is better, and you can finish week 8. Nearly there!


I managed to finish week 8 last night. Getting ready for week 9 now :o)


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