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Wk 10 c25k v 5k+

Graduated last week with my first 5k run which took all of the podcast to do so I decided that I would try speeding up by re-doing c25k and running at my usual 7.5kph for the walking parts and running at a faster speed during the running parts. Did that Monday and found that tough too! Then I read some blogs from people who had tried out the 5k+ podcasts and thought that perhaps I ought to give them a go, even though just listening to them made me breathless! Used one this morning and felt fine for the first 10 minutes which seemed to fit to my usual running speed of 7.5kph and then Laura put the pace up! Managed another 10 minutes at 8kph but just couldn't do a further increase so I ran up to the last 5 minutes and slowed down to a walk 5 minutes before Laura said I could (sorry Laura! but I'm old enough to be your Mother- have pity on me!)

The nice thing was, this was the first podcast I've done where she didn't seem to mind that I couldn't finish it- she just told me I would have something to work for next time- I can work with that! I might alternate c25k with its intervals and carry on doing my jogging/running programme with 5k+ and see how I get on. Five minutes of these new podcasts seems much longer than 5 minutes of the old ones! :)

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oh wow, posted this and my badge appeared. How fantastic! Can't wait for the Tees :) If you read this, doggymum, post and see the badge appear by magic! :)


haha yes saw the badge this morning and dig a little jig of happiness!!! :D Well done on the C25k+ podcast you did better than I did yesterday, although looking at your speeds you are walking quicker than I am running lol so I have a lot to aim for! Which one did you do? I did the stepping stone one and will try it again tomorrow I think but maybe not increase the speed as much! ;)


Congraulations on all your achievements!! I am not ready tostart the 5K+ yet. I will wait a little while longer.


Looking forward to starting the 5K+. Will have to wait until I stop coughing...


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