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Week 7 Complete

Wow! I've done it!

Week 7 completed and not only that but 5K completed for the first time albeit with a 7 minute warm up and an 8 minute warm down included.......but hey this feels like real progress since my early days.

Week 1 (mid June) took 6 attempts - 3 partials (4 walks then 5 then 6) before 3 completes - and at that time, being able to run for 25 minutes felt like it could be impossible. But I stuck with the programme and from that shakey start have managed each week 'first time out'. If you're starting out and having some doubts then persevere - it will come (and you may even start to look forward to your next session!)

My pace is improving with each run although I might hold back a little for Week 8 Run 1 which I am planning for Friday - an additional 3 minutes doesn't sound much but I'm determined to 'do the time' rather than fail by going out too hard; runs 2 and 3 should take care of that.

Week 8 here I come!

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Well done, SimonT56! You must feel very proud!

It's great to hear your story as I am facing W6R3 tomorrow (or maybe Friday depending on how I feel), and I am REALLY SCARED. I feel I only just scraped through W6R2, and the 20minute run last week was a huge effort. Don't want to fail. So I feel encouraged by your positive blog, thank you.

Good luck with the future runs.


I was also apprehensive of the longer runs at the end of weeks 5 and 6. I found that I reduced my pace and concentrated on doing the time.

The pace will return during week 7 when you get used to the time both physically and mentally.

Good luck with you run, you can do it! Let us know how you get on.


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