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Excuse this pathetic attempt

At poetry

(that I made up whilst on the treadmill this morning!!)

Noooooooo!! (alarm)

5 more minutes

5 more minutes

Roll over, roll over,

Ohhh, should get up

feel bad if I don't

walk for 5

Oh no! Here it comes

Start to run

What's that twinge?

Oh, can't breathe

When can I stop?

Only 10?

Actually, not too bad

Pace is steady

Muscles move

For this I'm ready

End in sight

I'm on fire

Look at the distance!

How far I've come

I could do a bit more

and perhaps a bit faster......

Think I'm hooked

I look much better

have a rest day

do it again


5 more minutes...........................

3 Replies

quite like this


Love it, I have a habit of the odd verse now and again too :)


It's not something I ever do normally - but you have to think about something on a treadmill!!!


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