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Week 6 Done!

Yay - after the fun of W5R3 and having built up to 20 mins - I was a little wary of W6, but everything went more than OK - I've really started enjoying my running (apart from the dogs - grrrr) and when I got to W6R3 I changed my running route to around the local Reservoir and was well chuffed to finally manage the 5k in 29 Mins 30 Secs.... Now hopefully I can get a bit faster over the coming weeks.

Its hard to believe that just 6 weeks ago - I was struggling to run for a mere 60 Seconds...

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Well done! I'm on week 9 and the furthest I've run is 4.4kms. I do run on uneven terrain so run 2 tomorrow is going to be run on the flat. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


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