Inspirational Olympics. But not there just yet!

Well, after the holiday and 10 days of not running I decided to repeat week 4.

To be honest I was expecting to be back at square one but surprisingly wk 4 run 1 was ok, run 2 was hard - I blame the heavy rain and thunderstorm. Tonight I'm due to redo run 3 and have now downloaded weeks 5-9 to my shuffle ready to continue where I left off. I listened to some of them and have scared myself- but running for 8 mins next week seems less scary than the 20 which is coming soon!

Three things I've noticed this week:

Stitch: The thing Laura says about relaxing you stomach muscles whilst breathing in or out whatever, its impossible, I just can't get it and I've tried lots...

Achy knees: They are getting sore, especially the right one.

Olympics: Those guys/girls doing the athletics... just WOW. Starting to appreciate just how hard they have trained and how fast they really are. All I can muster for 5mins is a stumble, and at the end I find jumping up a curb hard work, let alone a hurdle!

Still, one of the guys who won gold was 34, I still have a chance for the next games ;)

I feel fitter, but have not lost any weight at all, and no inches either. Now all the birthday cakes are gone its back to healthy eating for me!

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