The Garmin Mundane Olympics 2014

The Garmin Mundane Olympics 2014

It has come to one's attention that many people are posting their fabulously exciting experiences with their fabulously shiny Garmins ... other GPS watches are (probably) available.

The things is, in all of this excitement, one can easily lose sight as to just how mundane and boring these bits of wrist-sized technology can actually be. For example, I give you the Garmin plot of me ... mowing my lawn*. Yes, my friend, you too can record such mundane activities on your Garmin and completely mess with your statistics on your Connect Dashboard.

So come on Garmin owners, come clean, what is the most boring activity that you have logged on your watch?!!

*Disclaimer: I was testing the accuracy and pace reading on my watch as it is very spiky when I run, and am not really boring/sad ... honest ;)


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12 Replies

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  • What a brilliant idea - I knew should have worn the garmin all weekend... it would have recorded something like

    0.01k training route to the beer fridge and back x18 laps,

    0.02k training route from front door to greenhouse smoking shelter and back x50+laps

    0.01k training route to the loo and back x14 laps.

    although I am loving the elevation gain on your garmin map, and the fact you can get your whole lawn done in 00:11:47....

  • Ah, interval training, very important in building stamina. And judging by your 18:14 ratio of trips to the fridge/loo I can see that the stamina training is working :D

  • Hahahahah Brilliant. This is the way forward, I'm convinced of it :D

  • Wow I love it! I guess my arms aren't long enough to make a pretty pattern whilst ironing? x :-D

  • Ooh , my OH wouldn't like that ! it would just prove that I don't get the lines on the lawn straight.

  • I am feeling inspired, now what can I track !

  • Hi Frocky Horror, sorry to be a typical bloke, but.... I reckon you missed a bit of your lawn :-)

    Trust 'She who must be believed' is now 100% calibrated.

  • Hilarious! Glad we can all laugh at ourselves. Might wear mine to work tomorrow. Highlights will be trips from my desk to destinations such as The Printer, The Kettle and finally The Bathroom. Sometimes I combine two destinations into one long trip.

    The excitement is tangible.

  • Hahaha! Brilliant post.. and I'm with Marky D - you missed a bit!

    I may have plotted the school run... and I was tempted last night to plot my flight to Finland. That would have messed with my stats quite a bit... an 880km/h run! :)

  • Brilliant!

    I noticed that Garmin have this 'segments' thing on their new website that's supposed to show everyone's best times over popular sections of road. All very good, but since the fastest person on the nearest section to me is either (a) Mo Farrah or (b) The owner of a Suzuki 750, I think your approach allows the vast majority of us to 'compete' at a more sensible level.

  • No time to post a reply as I am off to mow my very long lawn

    See ya!

  • I left my Garmin Oregon (handheld Garmin device) switched on mounted on my bike when on the ferry back from Stornoway to Ullapool last week. I could have pretended it was a mighty long swim, when in fact it was a mixture of eating, reading, napping, and looking for dolphins and whales - repeated several times.

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