Hello, if your just looking around after being inspired after the London Marathon

Hello there, if your just having a look around after being inspired after watching the London Marathon.

We always have the biggest amount of graduates 9-12 weeks after the London Marathon. So I expect people find themselves looking around to see how they can start their own journey.

Please don't be shy, post your name below and come and join our happy supportive bunch.

Also C25K members let's share our own reasons to newcomers as to why they should stick around.

Welcome to day one of your journey.

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  • Why you should stick around? because running is almost amazing as the people on this forum. I was quite firmly stuck on the couch and would have laughed in your face if you'd have told me I'd be saying that 12 months later I love running! You'll make loads of virtual friends on here. If you struggle they will help you through and when you succeed they'll celebrate with you. It's the best thing I ever did and I think I only carried on and got to where I am now due to the folks on here supporting me every step/shuffle of the way. If you're thinking about it, do it - have a go and see what happens. Who knows where it will take you!

  • ❤️ I second everything Miller2 said.

    I got off the couch 13 months ago and am currently training for my second half marathon. My first was in March.

    I run three times a week in a club and around 100 km/month, but 13 months ago I was struggling to complete a series of 60 second runs.

    In the course of things, I lost 14 kg and feel happier, stronger and more beautiful than I ever have before in my adult life.

    Just do it. Have faith in the programme. I works, I promise!

  • You should stay because taking up, and sticking (with the help of this forum and NHS C25K podcast) with running is probably one of the things I am most proud of in my life to date. I was sick of telling myself I would exercise more, and always giving up a few tries in. The camaraderie I found here helped me through the 9 week programme, which is the longest I've ever stuck to something exercise-related in my life, and almost 2 years later I am still here and still running. Welcome! X

    It's not easy, but it is so, so rewarding, and it is fun!

  • I was inspired by watching the London Marathon today. I was inspired by the fact that I know several people who were running it - people who, like me, started out right here doing the NHS Couch to 5K programme. This is the most amazing thing you will ever do for yourself. You start out thinking you can't even run for 1 minute, then one day you find you've just run for 20 minutes... 30 minutes... finished a parkrun... run your first race... maybe even run a marathon. :-O It all starts with Week 1 Run 1, and how ever far you go, you will be achieving new personal bests and gaining so much more than just a healthier body. Good luck undergrads. You may not love every minute (sorry!) but you will love the person you become thanks to C25K. <3

  • Running a marathon is a great ambition to have - but not the only reason to start and stick with this programme!

    For those wanting to run a marathon, this is a great way to start running and gives you a short term achievable goal (running a marathon next month if you're starting from the couch is NOT something you should be aiming for!).

    For those "just" wanting to take up running, go for it. There are many reasons why people start running, and you'll soon find out for yourself why so many people keep running. Feeling fitter and healthier, a sense of achievement and a great community here are just a few reasons.

  • Why stick with C25K… well….because, simply, it impacts on every single part of our body.

    Basically it improves and enhances the way we feel … The benefits are endless…for heart health, joints, muscles, bones, brain, organs, weight management, the list goes on…we become stronger in mind and body.

    This is a wonderful way to start, build up, develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle…plus…the ability to see yourself as you really are; to appreciate everything around you, to take nothing for granted ,be grateful for the ability to run and to be part of a huge friendly family on here and beyond.

    When folk say it has changed their lives… it has, mine included...for the better :)

  • Why do it? Yes it's hard, very hard at times but it's the quickest, cheapest, way to impact on your physical and mental health for the better.

  • Why do this? Well I never started this to be a 'runner', I have never wanted to run a marathon, (still don't) , however, I started this as something to keep me occupied and a little bit physically active whilst in the throes of being made redundant.......slowly but surely, I'm still here......four years later.....I'm not fast and it's not pretty.......but I feel full of life, fitter than I've ever been, have entered one of the most sociable and supportive groups on the planet. I have much improved self confidence and I've gone down at least one if not two (depends where you shop 😉) dress sizes.

    If its distance achievements you're after, I ran my first half marathon this year....

    Do it, give it a go, you'll never regret it.


  • Running, I love it, stress free freedom in the fresh air.

  • Straight to the point: fitter, healthier, more toned body = more sex.

  • Lol!

  • haha =more exercise ;)

  • Why do this? To make my life better for me. Better physically, better mentally, better emotionally. Over the past 4 1/2 years I've stopped a few times and had to start again, but I keep on coming back to it. I *want* to be a runner.

    I have no interest in running a marathon, but gosh was I impressed with the two of my friends who ran today. And that spurred me to get my shoes on and go out tonight, despite all the excuses crowding my mind.

    So in my mind, I *am* a runner. I may be slow, I may not run far (5k is still an achievement for me at the moment, although I'm hoping to manage a 10k later this year), but I want to run. And that's enough.

  • I was never a runner, hated it right from school time, eons ago. Even the teachers would make excuses for me not to go on the Cross Country runs ! But something changed and I'm still not sure what. Late last year I suddenly had a notion to want to try running and on 2 January I set out for my first run on C25K to give it a try. The result is that now I love to run! and now I AM A RUNNER! Truly if I can do it so can anyone.

    I am now finding that I have muscles starting to emerge in my legs, my clothes are fitting better, although I haven't lost a huge amount of weight my body is toning up, I am more confident in my self. That first morning in January I had so many layers on and a big baggy coat to hide in whereas now I'm proud to wear my running kit and I don't care who sees me or what they think. I find it is 'me time' away from all the normal real life trials and tribulations, a chance to get my head together. It's always a fantastic feeling when you achieve the goal you set and sometimes you can go that little bit further.

    If you are inspired by the Marathon come and give it a go. It doesn't have to be expensive, running outside is free, my running gear came mostly from Lidl and I haven't any fancy technical gadgets just my cheapy smart phone and a couple of free apps.

    The help, support and advice on here is amazing. So many amazing people and always someone to offer words of encouragement or kick your butt to get out and do it.

  • Why Couch to 5k? For me the sense of achievement was, and is, great - and it really doesn't take long. At the beginning I can remember puffing and panting after 1 minute of (very slow) running, when I started a few years ago. But after only a couple of weeks it was so much easier, and now I can run for a couple of hours! Last year I ran the London marathon - aged 54! I still can't believe it!

    But you don't have to have those goals to start tomorrow - just a wish to get a bit fitter, and have fun!

  • I second everything above. For years I wanted to be a runner, but it was only in my mid-50s and with the help of this programme that I truly became one. I started in January 2016 and now run 4x a week, mostly about 25k a week and my longest run to date was 15k. I'm not fast, but I'm fitter than I have been for a long time, my blood pressure has improved, my knees no longer hurt, I have managed to maintain my weight after losing nearly 3 stone and I have found a great group of friends on here, who provide me with inspiration and encouragement every day. Only disadvantage - I spend too much time on here! If you're thinking about it, please do it!🏃😎

  • Never did any sport, certainly couldn't run, even at school. started aged 56 and four years later still going and a whole new side to life has opened up.

  • Same as you Ancient 🙂

    Be a sticker! If you stick with C25k, and with the slimming club you joined, you will achieve your health and fitness goals. If you don't, you won't. Simples.

    The ones who stay to class as it were will be the ones in it for the long haul

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