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Hangover - wk5 r3

In true athlete style I prepayed for the biggie, the dreaded 20 minute non-stop run, by going to the pub for early dinner and ended up polishing off two bottles of wine with my other half. That was friday night. Got up Saturday morning and was amazed that I felt in one piece and decided to go for the run as I had planned.

No surprise to hear it was HARD WORK!! I managed it through sheer determinatiion but the last five minutes were difficult. Legs felt like lead and headache started to niggle. (Note to self - after effects of too much wine and long runs don't mix well.)

Been out again yesterday to do the W6R1 run, this time with no hangover and found it a pleasure. Still an effort but within my comfort zone.

I'm loving the way my body is responding. I'm 47 and have always kept myself fit (ish) but running has always been in the 'too much effort' category. As I turned another year older this year I thought I wanted the challenge of running 10k or even a half marathon before my 50th. A friend told me about the C25K programme and decided to give it a go. It's fantastic for those like me who don't know the first thing about running. I have tried running twice before and have ventured out with experienced runners but it was just too hard and made me feel utterly useless. This programme makes me feel the opposite - like I can climb everest if I want to. Just so long as I train sensibly and pace myself. I don't find it easy -far from it - but I can cope with it and because it's just hard enough I feel like I'm pushing myself and succeeding. It feels great.

Hope you all have a good week - happy running :-).

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Well done! I've done the same "hang-over" run.....I just go out anyway, even if I know I haven't slept well or have a hang-over - we mustn't let it stop us! I think as it's so much harder when I'm not 100%, it might remind me not to drink so much! (that's the theory, anyway........)


I like your style ! I've done a few runs like that :-)

Well done !


mmm maybe I'll try that after yesterdays failure to do the 20 minutes. Perhaps a bottle of wine is what my body needs :)

Well done though - must be a fantastic feeling!


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