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1, 2, 3, 4......... 1, 2, 3, FLOOR!!

So the new C25K+ podcasts are out. After graduating on Sunday I thought I would try the 'Stepping Stone' podcast as it was designed for recent graduates.

OMG - I knew I was slow, but URGH, I only managed 5 minutes running and there is so much else you are being asked to concentrate on. I thought I was supposed to be walking when Laura said something about running to the beat, 1, 2, 3, 4..... eh?

I switched it off and tried running to my own playlist but my breathing was all over the place by this time so only managed 2 minutes at my normal pace. I have struggled to get my deep breathing right for the last couple of runs though so I'm sure that isn't helping either. Today was a bit of a write off, I hardly ran so will try again tomorrow.

And I think it's back to week 1 for me so I'll be speeding up for 1 minute at a time rather than what feels like infinity!

I'm off to find some oxygen..... 8-)

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I guess that the C25K is just the beginning! The new podcasts will be a big challenge, but just imagine how great it will be to complete each one without stopping and without feeling like death!! It'll be like graduating again :)


The pod-cast is definitely challenging but I don't think we are expected to get it 'right' first time, like you said there is a lot to take in. I like TJFlute's idea that once we master it we can graduate again :) Another badge maybe?? *smiles hopefully*


I'm coming to the conclusion that going back to week 1 and joogging on the walking bits and speeding a little on the jogs is a good plan. felt awful doing speed today!


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