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Stepping Stone on C25k+

Thanks for the heads up on this. Downloaded it on to my iphone. Based on the reports on here, i braced myself for it being tough so I kept the treadmill pace low.

It was difficult. I kind of know how short people feel now! The podcast forces you to run to the beat. Which meant lots of small strides.

I usually perspire quite heavily around twenty minutes in to a run, with sweat dripping off me. This time I was at that stage by ten minutes.. But, i kept at it.

I think Laura has her timings all wrong, there were some long two minutes and very long five minutes

I did the warm up at 5kph, the 150 bpm I did at 7.5kph and the 155 bpm at 8kph and 160 bpm at 9kph.

As i said, i am glad i paced myself slowly otherwise i am not sure i could have made it to the end.

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I listened to these podcasts and decided they were a bit fast for me! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Still, it sounds as if you managed them, so thanks for that - I feel a bit more confident now :) My plan had been to re-do c25k running at my normal 7.5kph for the walking bits and at 9kph for the running bits and I tried that this morning and found that was taxing too so perhaps I should just bite the bullet and trust Laura's new podcasts- don't want her to feel I'm snubbing her in case she takes it out on me! :)


Well done you for doing it. I managed the first 10 minutes at the right pace and then the rest really slowly after thinking I might expire! I knew I was running slowly before but until I did this I didn't realise quite how slowly!


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