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C25K stepping stones poscast


Having graduated last Sunday (still love saying that!🏃🏻‍♀️😄) I downloaded Stepping Stones but I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it yesterday and did everything possible to avoid it this morning too. (Changed the bed, cleared out a cupboard etc etc!!)

I haven’t run my local roads yet (scared of being spotted) but I was brave and went just now. I found it hard as it was a different pace and yet I haven’t managed to sneak any further on to the final distance annoyingly. Still just 4K in 30 mins but I did go up some hills today. It’s good to know Laura hasn’t deserted me and I found it really encouraging as for some reason it was the hardest ever run today. I SO wanted to give up but was bloody minded and determined and finished it. It’s fantastic to have these podcasts to drive us on and you lot for encouragement cos I haven’t told any of my friends I’m learning to run. They are too busy telling me what I shouldn’t be doing instead of cheering on what I want to try!

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Well done you!!! .

It is a wee bit soon after Graduation to try the C25K +podcasts... and we do advise a couple of weeks consolidation:)

30 minute runs.. plenty of... and different routes etc.. and some runs just because you can:)

All carrying on what we have just begun in the C25K programme...:)

The + podcasts are very challenging, and fun... and are intended, and do teach us a lot about discipline and pace in out running...and the Speed and Stamina do help enormously with longer runs too... :)

A few folk, ( not you..) have tried too soon and given them up as a waste of time.. they are just the opposite...and as many of us have found, will benefit your running...:)

My favourites.. ( shhh ) Speed and Stamina :)

Go you.. and as for those friends..leave them in your running dust :)x

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Aha I didn’t realise. The nhs website just said they are the next thing and I need discipline. I managed it but it was harder than anything previous so that makes sense. I shall try and just run on Friday but fear I will give up quickly making excuses around 10 mins if I don’t have something to make me feel “fail” if that makes sense. I know what I mean - but will give it a go. Perhaps a plod towards 4.25k in whatever time would be a plan? Thanks for the heads up and permission to leave them for a few weeks!

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Just take it steady..do it your way..you did well..so... some runs just building up gently will be perfect..No f words on here..you are a runner..experimenting😉


Well done for getting out there! I graduated a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t run 5k in 30 minutes if a pack of wolves was chasing me 🤣🤣🤣I do enjoy my 30 minute sometimes more plod every other day tho 😊😊


Congratulations on graduation ...Such an achievement ..I'm not there yet but I would probably keep doing w9 for a few months to build myself up ...Or maybe try a parkrun I have been told there great ..Good luck with your running journey ...You keep doing what your doing ..Never mind anyone that is negative 😊😊

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