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New Runner

Hello :-)

i've just completed week one after a lifetime of avoiding any kind of exercise. i'm feeling very proud of myself, not just for actually running but also for having the willpower to stick with it. however, i'm not sure i'm ready to progress to week 2 lol. so i have a friend starting week one this evening and i'm going to repeat it with her.

good luck and well done to everybody doing this

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welcome and well done for starting! Usually I would say that if you have done one week, no matter how hard it felt you will be ready for the next week, but since you've a friend starting today, I'll let you off! :) I can promise you, though, that getting through the runs of each week will prepare you for the following one so don't be tempted to stay at a stage until it feels easy. Sometimes there may be runs you can't manage and you need to slow right down or, in exceptional circumastances, repeat them but once you've done the three, move on. Enjoy your running! :)


Well done, you would be fine on week 2 I bet! But it is nice that you will have a running buddy (as long as they prove to be as committed as you :-)


even if she turns out to be a flake i'll still carry on, i'm determined to do it and carry on running when the 9 weeks are up. i've had a look at some of the blogs here and the support system seems great :-)


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