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B210K Wk3R1 -

Coming back from injury is quite hard and with a Scottish 10K event coming up in exactly three weeks I want to make sure I am able to complete it but I don't want to re-hurt myself training too hard with hill work or fast intervals. I have had a quick look at last year's race on Youtube but have no idea what the course is really going to be like until I am on it!

Three and a half weeks ago, before the knee went pearshaped, I was up to eight and a bit miles in my long run and I don't think I've lost too much fitness thanks to the cross training that I blogged about, but I know how easy it is for me just to keep trying too hard to improve and improve on times etc; I am never happy unless I've done a better run than the previous one!

So, slow and steady hopefully will just get me back to where I need to be. I had planned a half marathon in September (Truro) but this depends on how the rest of the month goes. I may not do it but hang off for an October event...depending on how subsequent long runs go. I need to be around ten or eleven miles in my long run to have a realistic go at another half.

Going up Yellow Tor hill for the second loop today was really tough, and the following few lines started going through my head - yep, it's haiku time again!


An elastic band pulling

Me up the hot hill

Sometimes these thoughts run

Through my head as I too run

The B210K


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Always a fine line between pushing yourself to improve, and pushing yourself too far, isn't it? Sounds like you are doing great tho'!

Sealbh math dhuit/dhuibh!


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