Sitting on the sidelines for a while

Did my usual run on wednesday, felt slight twinge on inner part of left ankle. Nothing after the run, so off I go on friday, same twinge into the first km, then it suddenly got worse, had to limp home, and 24 hour later still limping. So there will be no runs for me for a while.

There is no swelling or bruising, just pain when I try to put my foot straight. So now I look like Donald Duck with my foot splayed out

Looks like I am on the bench for a while. So frustrating. I am not good at sitting quitely doing nothing!

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  • Ouch. Sorry to hear that your ankle is playing up. I am also unable to run at the moment. It is very frustrating but I have be doing swimming and working on a stepper, to keep up my fitness level.

    At least we have the olympics to watch whilst we sit on the couch !

  • Too right TJ, I was shouting at the TV the other night when the cyclists were on.

    Quite like armchair sports, but its not the same as being outside and jogging.

  • Somehow though you do appreciate it more though dont you now you are a runner too?

    I am looking forward to seeing the Mobot out for the 5 and 10k as they are "my distance" albeit not my times ;-) well Mo's 10k time is isn't much more than my 5k time 8-)

    Go Mo;

  • Wasn't it sensational?!

  • Awesome Mo's the man!

    I saw the first 5k of the womens marathon went down in about 18 minutes ...... Burble ..........

  • Sorry about your injury! Hope you recover soon! I seem to remember something about "rice" for injuries..... Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation? Take care burstcouch!

  • Gridlet,

    rest - tick- but its so boring !!

    Ice- no tick- as no swelling so have not used any - apart from in a G & T tonight.

    Compression- tick, trying not to cut off the circulation with the bandage.

    Elevation- tick, lying on the sofa right now.

    frustration, lots of it!!!!

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