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W1R2 - Done !

Started the Couch 2 5K programme this week, completed run 1 yesterday and run 2 today. Gonna have a day off tomorrow and complete run 3 on Saturday. Don't feel too bad so far, a little stiff in the legs but I figured thats to be expected.

Had a look at some of the info for Week 2-9, a few of the weeks look quite daunting to be honest, but I figure no point stressing about them until I get there, by the time I get there they might not be as daunting right ?!?!

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Well done for starting - I graduated at the end of April and when I started in Feb I felt the same as you - the beauty of this programme is that you WILL get there trust me!!!!

I have now ran two 10ks and a five miler and I am training for a half in march next year

I've lost three stone and have been well and truly bitten by the running bug!!!

One tip is to listen to your body and religiously observe your rest days!

Good luck


Wow, training for a half marathan, just shows what you can do in a year when you put your mind to it. Well done for the weight loss, that's awesome and thanks for the good luck wishes ;-)


Well done for starting, I know it can feel great and you want to get out again, but definitely recommend that you take your rest days, don't want to get injured and have to stop!

Good luck, don't look too far to the future, it is all doable, one week at a time. :-)


You are right about the rest days, I feel like I could run the third run tomorrow but that has always been my problem, throwing myself in to things, failing and getting despondant.

This plan is really good and I shall enjoy the rest days as much as I enjoy the running days. Thanks for your good luck wishes ;-)


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