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Week - One, Blog - One, Kebabs - Zero

I will keep this short and sweet (sweets, remind me what they are again?!)

This week I started the CT5K Challenge and have just completed my second run. Completed is probably a generous way of putting it but there you go.

I used to run and take part in other sports as a teenager and was very active but then moved away to Uni. The old stereotype of a student eating beans was not accurate in my case and by keeping a part-time job, I was able to eat well. The odd alcoholic beverage didn’t help either and by the time I graduated, I was already two stone heavier than I had been when I was young (sob).

I love food and after a busy week at work, there is nothing better than spending the weekend in the kitchen cooking and baking (badly, admittedly). Looking back, I used to eat every evening what most people would eat for a special treat so it is easy to see how my weight kept on increasing as I did no exercise other than to run to catch the ice cream man. My old food intake used to make the Hairy Bikers look like Gillian McKeith.

Anyway, I have now reached the grand old age of 29 and have decided that enough is enough. The turning point for me was when I took a lot of photos over Christmas last year and when it came to the obligatory upload them on facebook moment, I found that I looked big on every photo. In the past, I have been kidding myself by thinking that I was just not photogenic and have always managed to find a few photos where I thought I look half-decent. Looking back that was ridiculous but oh well. Now I’m not saying that I am trying to get fit just so I can look for Facebook I’m not (quite) that pathetic. But it was a definite turning point for me. I suppose you could say that next Christmas, I no longer want to be in the situation where I look at a photo and am unable to differentiate between me and the big fat Christmas Pudding which everyone is looking forward to destroying (no, not my mother in law).

In January I started to eat healthily and by sticking to a healthy diet, I have managed to lose just over three stone which is much more than I ever thought possible. I managed to do this without undertaking any exercise which I suppose is no big surprise considering just how badly I used to eat. I now weigh just over 9.5 stone which is excellent and I do not really want to lose anymore. However, I now want to actually get fit and hopefully, tone up my body in a few places.

So now you know why I am here and what I am hoping to achieve, I hope you will enjoy following my attempts to run 5K. My first couple of runs have been tough and the tops of my leg (official medical term I’m sure) are sore but I am hoping that this will reduce as I continue. I’m very lucky in that I live very close to an excellent park and I am really enjoying getting out and enjoying the local area. It can be hard to run on paths with other runners who look far superior to me, not only in terms of physical ability but also in terms of clothing. I’ve created a new style of running outfit called ‘Scarecrow-Chic’; watch out for it coming to a towpath near you.



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Welcome to the blogging community and well done for starting! Thanks for a really great introductory blog, I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on. It sounds like you've already achieved loads since January by losing all that weight. I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed at how your body tones up by the end of the programme. Mine did and I'm 51, so you should find your youthful silhouette in no time! Have a great C25K, it is so liberating.


Well done for starting! And for all that you've achieved so far. I started C25K a couple of weeks ago (am now in week 3) for similar reasons. I've lost a little bit of weight (which I need to as I'm a bit overweight) and you'll be encouraged to hear that I think I just might be beginning to tone up a little... or is that a figment of my hopeful imagination?

I can't say I'm finding the runs easy either, but I suppose the harder you work the greater the benefits you reap. The key is to just stick at it. I'm also modelling 'scarecrow chic', and am thinking of bringing out my own line of foundation in shades of 'tomato', 'puce' and 'call an ambulance'.

Keep up the good work, and good luck!


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