W2R1 - Left foot, Count to 4, Breathing in......well I couldn't do that!!!!!

Laura's helpful tip of learning to breathe in for 4 strides, nearly killed me. I found that whilst I could breathe out for longer my lungs felts so restricted when breathing in. I can only assume this is to do with the ashma. It's going to be interesting to see how this effects the rest of the weeks!!!

Did anyone else find this hard at first?


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7 Replies

  • I gave up at the time and just breathed as best I could but I'm finding I need to learn it now in order to keep going on longer runs. As you breath in, push your belly out and that should help your lungs feel less restricted. Pull your belly in as you exhale. If 4 strides is too long try 3 strides, I settled into a 1-2-3 rhythm when I did my 10k race which was the first time I really tried to use the technique. More recently, I've been counting 1-2-3-4. Maybe it would help to slow down a bit while you practice the technique ?

  • I couldn't do the breathing for a count of 4 either (and I don't have asthma)! Have forgotten about it now tbh but will try to at lease get it to 3 this week. Thanks for the advice, sfb350.

  • Something I couldn't do either.... for now I am just breathing how I can and will try to control it more as I get fitter :)

  • I couldn't do the timing Laura mentions, but like others imply try to do 'belly breathing' and trying to always breath in through my nose, not my mouth. I know I'm bad and take rapid quick breathes in and out through my mouth - which is not good.

  • Never managed it myself. Am trying to do the "belly breathing". To be honest its lead in the legs rather than huffing and puffing that causes me to stop.

  • Another one here who couldn't manage it, my breathing's okay though, slow & steady that works for me.

  • I didn't get the breathing either so gave up on it. It becomes clear later on. Don't worry for now, just concentrate on getting round. Happy running

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