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Yay! Week 5 Run 3 done!

Yep Laura was right and although 20 mins of running seemed a huge jump from the eight I'd managed previously, it didn't prove to be a struggle at all... Thankfully it was a bit cooler tonight - with a spot of Cornish drizzle... I tried to run slowly rather than racing ahead but still managed 4.6Kms in the 30 mins of walking and running..

Now to look forward to Week 6...

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Wow! That's brilliant, both the fact you ran it with ease and the distance you covered!

I hit my first 4km today in 5 mins walking and 25mins running - so you're much faster than me! Good luck with week 6 - seems like you'll be fine!


Well done - it's a mental challenge as much as a physical one isn't it, that 20 mins. Love the drizzle too - just driving rain that's a little off putting!

Keep going... you are doing great.


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