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A partly re-start

Hello there!

After some back and forth I decided to partly do the programme over again. I don't seem to manage the 30 minutes when I should (on week 9. I did them twice on week 8 though...) - I don't even manage 10 minutes when I try for the 30!

So I decided to start again at week 5 to build up to the 20 minutes again. Week 5 and then esp. week 7 were the ones I really (week 7: really, REALLY) struggled with.

My goal for this week: Use the week 5 podcast, try a new route, try not go get a stitch and try to shut up the voice in my head going "I'm boooored."

This way I hope to get the enjoyment back I felt when I started. I was excited to go out then. Now It's shifting into an exercise-duty and it annoys me.

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I found the 20 minute run was really the last one I managed happily at the speed I wanted. Since then I've slowed down because I really want to continue for the length of the podcast. I've got 2 runs to graduation and then I'll do it all again, running at my slow speed for the walking parts and at my desired speed for the running parts and try to build up speed that way. All the while I'm battling with a voice that says if I go faster, I'll finish sooner- crazy when I KNOW it's a 30 minute run! Just try going at a really slow speed until you've convinced your mind that you're out for the whole of the podcast time and it'd better get used to the idea! :)


Slow down, right. I put that on the "try to" list too.

And I had thoughts of "go faster, be done quicker" too. But luckily a second after that thought I remembered that that's not going to happen ;)


Definitely start off slowly - if you have "spare" energy left near the end you can enjoy a sprint finish and that's really satisfying :-)

Good luck !


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