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Laura and I having problems again - but I managed 25mins!

So I went out for what was W7R1 and potentially my first 25 minutes (I failed at running the entire of W6R3, but thought I'd try and move on anyway, since W7 is all just more 25min runs.)

About 2 minutes into the run, I went to turn up the volume on my mp3 (I feel like the music was far quieter on this track?) and accidentally pressed skip instead (Mp3 had rotated more than I had thought). Now my mp3 player is really cheap and naff and has no screen, so I tried to skip the track until I was a few minutes into the run. Having done this, I carried on running - I had slowed to a quick walk whilst trying to work this all out.

A few minutes later, Laura pipes up with "Right, that's your 5 minute walk over!"

I was not impressed!

I was determined to run until she said I had done 20 minutes, so that I had then done the 25 minutes. I actually ran even longer than that! I did a minute or two on top, had a 30s walk and ran the rest of the way home (got to my door as she said I had 1 minute left)

So move than 25 minutes in all! Very proud and very exhausted and in need of a shower.

Here's hoping that the next few runs are as good, and if I can add the extra few minutes on each time, I might just do one extra run and go to week 9!

Cannot believe how far I've come in 8 weeks! Couch to 25minutes so far. :D

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Well done! That's great!


Ha ha have done the same with my cheapo MP3 player...doing MORE than required of me...but hell... inteneded or not WE completed it...pat yaself on the back


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