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Wk4R1 in the bag!

I've been looking forward to starting week 4 onwards for a couple of weeks, because it's the first time that I'll be running for longer than I am walking. It was quite a big jump from last week, from 9 to 16 minutes. I had no idea I was capable of running for 16 minutes!

The weather was a lot nicer than last time, so it definitely made a difference in my attitude. The first 5 minute run wasn't too bad, but the last run was definitely the hardest. It felt like I had been running for ages, so I was expecting Laura to tell me that I'd run for 4 minutes or something. Instead, she told me I was only half way through! Not cool.

I surprised myself though because even although all I wanted to do was walk, I kept going until the end. Laura was right, it feels so much better when you finish a run rather than stopping early. Roll on Run 2!

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