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How did I end up doing this?

Well.... blow me down.

My best friend has run half marathons and goes running at lunchtimes twice a week. I have always mocked her, saying that running was bad for your joints, you had to mad to do it.etc, etc. (Admittedly with a touch of envy and a secret admission that I could never do it)

So how did I end up embarking upon C25K? well I really am not sure. Now I am not averse to physical exercise - being a regular gym goer (softer classes such as pilates/body balance and Legs Bums and Tums) But running - never entered my mind until last weekend, something switched on in my head and I said to my friend 'whats the best way to get started?' So she suggested 1 min walk/1 run, which I did on Monday on a treadmill and felt fine.

And then I discovered C25K and did the first run Weds - with little problem and run 2 on Friday, again felt OK even after the aqua aerobics class that I thought would be a good cool down! Looking forward to running on Sunday and what happens - a scaffold tower was delivered to my door at 8AM Saturday morning and I spent 11 hours up it decorating the front of my house and have just finished an hour ago. I am shattered...... I not sure I can motivate myself to get out to do my third run. Maybe I will have two days 'off' and do it tomorrow. Is that cheating? Yours, stiff and aching all over but especially my arms and shoulders!!

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I don't think that is cheating at all - you've more than earned the rest.

Well done !


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