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I decided to do it and I did


Hi all

Today, someone in work told me that I’d inspired her to begin the programme herself. I was delighted for her, because this programme has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. I was also deeply touched because she is someone that I admire greatly.

Anyway, she got me thinking about how I have, at the age of 52, taken on the identity of being a ‘runner’. And the simple answer is that I just decided that I was going to.

So, for anyone starting out and watching the clock as your 60 seconds tick by, for the week 4 people wondering why you only get a minute and a half to recover before running for five, if you’re on W5R2 and quaking at the thought of twenty continuous minutes, or if you’ve just had a bad run when you didn’t expect one. It doesn’t matter.

Decide to do it and you can.

Happy running all xxx

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That’s lovely 😊 I hope your work colleague enjoys her runs. We are all so lucky to be able to get out there and run 😀

BethMay in reply to Bridget007

We are Bridget. I haven’t always had the best health but while I have, I’m grabbing it 😊x


Very well said Beth, and couldn’t agree more.

I’m on W6 and never thought I’d make it this far! My hubby and daughter rolled their eyes when I said I was going to start the C25k programme. They reckoned I’d quit after 2 runs!!

My son gets married in 4 weeks time and I’ve calculated that I’ll have graduated and plan to do my first park run the weekend before he says “I do” and I can say “I did it”!

BethMay in reply to Rachelkuuk

That’s fantastic! Good for you! That’ll be a significant park run , a real milestone xx


Beautiful. What a lucky person to have your footsteps to follow.

From what you’ve said I think it’s more than likely that the admiration isn’t a one way street.

Completely identify with the sentiment. I didn’t think I’d be able to see this through. I pinch myself every run that I did.

Enjoy the next one x

BethMay in reply to Jay66UK

You too Jay. Onwards and upwards xxx


Thanks BethMay! You’re definitely an inspiration! ❤️


Great post. I was told by one of my Pilates buddies that she is toying with the idea of doing it too as she is impressed with the way I have gone from 🛋 to 🏃‍♀️. If we all have just one person take it up because of our success, just think of how many runners there will be.

Like ripples in a pond Dexy xx


BethMay, that's lovely! I can understand why she'd be inspired by you, you are amazing, positive and very warm-hearted. Heck, we're all inspired by you!

It's hugely flattering when you learn you've been an inspiration and tempting to dismiss it quickly, but don't. You've earned it with all those miles and positive attitude. Own it! 😘

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Hidden

Here, here.

BethMay in reply to Hidden

Thank you Sutsha that’s so lovely xx



What a wonderful, positive and touching post. Thank you and keep running. 😁

Well said Beth 😊x

Hello BethMay... I am also 52 and just completed the couch 25k yesterday .... I cant recommend this program enough... at the beginning a struggled with running for 90 seconds but here I am 9 weeks later running for 30 mins . I am chuffed .I was diagnosed as pre diabetic earlier this year and that was enough to make me loose weight and take my fitness seriously. The rewards are amazing. I am slimmer and fitter than I have been in 25 years .my blood sugar isnt quite where it should be yet but I will get there. I owe a lot of it to couch25k . I now am a runner and will be taking part in my 1st park run next week . Good luck to everyone ... you can do it x

Look at you!! That’s such an achievement Julie- good on you and good luck with your park run. Let us know how you get on 😊

JuliedawnshepherdGraduate in reply to BethMay

Will do x


Well done!! Amazing achievement. I have one ‘disciple’ too a fellow choir member. We do need to spread the word to improve the health of our country!! 😊


That's a lovely post Beth.

I remember all those feelings and doubts.

So happy to hear that you've sponsored a new member.


A lovely post to end the day on. Happy running x


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