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Decided to run in Cambridge, where I'm visiting friends - I mapped out a 5K route on, and got started. Although the run was easy and enjoyable at first, a combination of the heat and getting lost on my route meant that I only ran 4K, in 30 minutes. Still, I'm taking it as OK, and still working my way towards the end of the 9 weeks, and hopefully a slightly faster 5K time. :)

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Sounds not bad at all considering you were running in unfamiliar territory (very brave of you!), I hadn't heard of, will definitely check out thanks. You wouldn't believe it but old fogey that I am I've been measuring my route out on an A-Z with a ruler... :-D


Heheh, a ruler seems as good a way as any! Hopefully I'll get used to the new route and actually complete it next time. Enjoy, it's really useful. :)


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