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Week 6 Run 1

Just completed W6 R1 and felt good if not a little hot! Was worried about completing today's run as legs felt tired yesterday after 20 min run on Wednesday but once I got running everything went smoothly.

Now looking forward to next week - aiming to complete W6 R3 on Wednesday 1 August exactly 2 months since I started 'running'. 25 minutes of non stop running seemed like a dream then. The plan is definitely working for me!

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Well done, you've done fantastically to get this far. I'm doing W6 R1 tomorrow, but not planning to do the 25 minute run for couple of weeks, as I'm going to repeat some sessions in order to build up my fitness a little more.

You're only a few days away from becoming a 'real' runner! Good luck with the next two sessions.


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