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I'm a runner....Laura told me so!!

I woke up this morning at 6am after a rubbish sleep and even as I was putting my running gear on I was battling against talking myself out of going. As I started the 5 min warm up i was so pleased no one could hear what was going on inside my head! "you could go home", "there's always tomorrow", but then I started to run (ok more of a shuffle!!) thinking even if I just get through the first 10 mins....then before I knew it Laura was telling me I was half way there! I thought if I can just keep going to 20 mins that would be fine...just as my legs were ready to quit on me Laura pipes up only 5 mins to go!, what the heck, I might as well keep going! And I did! And Laura rewarded my efforts with that magic phrase are now officially a runner!!

6 weeks ago when I could barely keep going for 60 seconds, 25 minutes seemed impossible! I love this programme....W6R3 in the bag....bring on week 7!!

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Brilliant! Can't wait til she tells me that!


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