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I endured & I conquered! W9R1

I endured & I conquered! W9R1

Wow! Simply wow! I have just ran for 30 whole minutes in W9R1. Wow! When I was starting this, even for the second time, 60 seconds seemed like a huge mountain to climb and now, well now, I am running, like a real runner!

Today has been an awful day, I had such a bad day at work, felt quite poorly and came home and bawled my eyes out and then I decided to go for a run. I know it was my running day today but I had so many reasons to give up but I decided to go for it. Came back off my run, red faced with sore leg muscles but a clearer head and a lighter mood. I know running is good for your body but more often I'm finding it better for my mind too.

Still have a mental battle to keep going at the 10 minute mark though, once I get past that I'm good* to carry on. No coincidence the 10th minute is when I'm climbing a mountain**.

Anyhow the stats are promising, timed my run only this time, but had dog with me (yay he's better, boo he was bouncy as anything***). So ran for 30 minutes, with a total distance of 4.7km (2.94 miles)!!! So close!! I did 10.12 minutes per mile or 6.12 minutes per KM. Burned 384 calories.

My legs are aching now though, it's the back of my calves and they feel so tight. Any suggestions as how to loosen them up? Save for stopping running which I really don't want to do.

Happy jogging folks :)

* Good in the sense still alive, alebit barely!!

** Small gradual incline when walking, Everest when running.

*** Chased after skateboard whilst small child on said skateboard!! Small child on said skateboard also winding dog up to be chased so 50/50 fault of both dog & child!

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Well done, what an achievement!!


Oh my gosh! Excellent time! Good going you....

Sore muscles can be so many things....tired, dehydration, overuse, not stretching enough. You're getting right up there in your runs....last week now. My feeling is that you are just've been pushing your body pretty hard the last 8 weeks. You may want to think about slowing your pace a are blazing. Ice applied directly after running may help with the "immediate" pain...and more miles of running will help eventually.

Good running to you...enjoy! Looking forward to that graduation post!


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