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Week 3 - check

Big yay, completed week 3 final run on the treadmill today. The legs are much better now too, didn't feel the burn on the way to the gym. Maybe the muscles realise this is just how it's going to be from now on and there's no use complaining...I'm going to naughty step them if they try that nonsense again.

Did an outdoor run yesterday morning too, from week 2, so am on schedule with my week behind with the extra park-scapades. Really glad that I've got outside too as, though I'm pleased with my indoor progress, I was building up outdoors to be too difficult. Though I think I do find it a little tougher at the moment starting to run outside after 9 weeks on the treadmill would have been a real put off. And...I forgot to take my inhaler before outdoor run- got to get my routine for that as sorted as my gym routine, but still managed it, which I find really encouraging on the lung front - it feels like they are toughening up.

I had a few more minutes to go on the treadmill when Laura finished week 3 so, curious, I carried on listening. Don't know it it was just because of post run tiredness but the intervals sounded more complicated than being talked through the Higgs Boson. I'm sure she'll do me right next time though.

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LOL...Higgs Boson.....sometimes I'm glad I didn't have an MP3 to listen to Laura.

You're doing really well, beatasthma. I think you were just tired when you were having problems before....and C25K can be a bit daunting. But you've figured out YOUR way of achieving each run, and it's working. Interesting about the inhaler....our weather broke Monday (20's instead of 30's and only 67% so I decided to not use my inhaler before I ran. It went....ok...only wheezed at the top of "the hill". But that is a vast improvement over the first 7 weeks of running. I'm with you on the theory that running does sort out the lungs.

Good running to you....enjoy!


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