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W5R2 done!

This forum is so inspiring and has carried me through so kindly, to get through W5R2 this morning. I feel that it wasn't just the achievement of all the running, but running through shoppers and sightseers in a french town 'en fete' with my red sweaty face held high and not caring, wow! What a change from my embarrassment some weeks ago.

Upcoming though, is the W5R3 that so many have blogged about and I sort of never thought I'd get here..... I'm a muso on tour and I will have got out of a bunkbed on the overnight tourbus to attempt this marathon mythical 20 minutes and I am really amazed that I'm even thinking of doing it. I didn't think I'd be able to do today, but did it, and all you others who've been here before me will be on my shoulder urging me on, so here's to Saturday morning, aaaargh!

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