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A temporary blip

I'm having to put my running on hold at the moment as I appear to have hurt my foot. It's been nigling for a few weeks and I stupidly ignored it. I have been wearing an ankle support when running but noticed yestetday that whilst walking in sandals that my foot really hurt. I did go for my run today and only got as far as 10 mins and then realised I was actually doing more harm than good.

I am not sure what I have done but I think a weeks rest should hopefully sort it out.

I'm on week 7 so do you think I can pick up from here again next week (foot permitting).

Anyone got any advice re the foot situation? I wear very good running shoes and I run outdoors on a trail. Do you think physio would help or just a case of rest?

Very very sad that I'm not able to run :-( but will be reading everyone's progress reports with enthusiasm.

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Oh bad luck !

Definitely have a weeks rest, best thing to do.

I think you should start week 7 again when you return to running.

If its not better after a week off and a trial run, seek medical advice.

Your gp will say rest, but it depends which part of your foot it is.

Do you think you have hurt muscle or bone? Maybe an x-ray? A and E would do it if you're prepared to wait !

Just thoughts....hope it helps.....and good luxk :)


Thanks for the advice. It's def not the bone - more muscle/ ligament. I'm ever hopeful that it will behave soon so I can run again! This running malarkey is totally addictive and I feel bereft without it :-(


Sorry to hear about your foot :( also sorry that I can't help on that side of this situation. I had almost a week off last week and I'm also on week 7 and was able to pick it straight back up and carry on where I left off without any trouble. But of course everyone is different! God luck! xx


Hi. Sorry to hear you had to have a week off but really glad to hear that you could jump straight back into it :-) here's hoping my blasted foot will sort itself soon


What sort of foot pain is it? I get plantar fasciitis (though, thanks to good running shoes and awareness, it has not been troubling me on c25k). For most people (including me, at first) this presents as pain in the heel (like it's bruised), especially first thing in the morning. However, I also find I get pain down the side of my foot (it kind of feels like the bones are out of alignment), which is hugely aggravated by bad footwear (ie. most shoes that aren't my running shoes!). I use an ankle support when it's bad, and I have orthotics for use in some of my shoes (my running shoes are too small to fit them in, but seem to be good enough support on their own). If this sounds like it might be you, then message me or look for my posts on the topic. Hope your foot is running happy again soon.


Hi thanks for all your advice :-)

Plantar facilits sounds painful but glad you have under control. Mine is more around the ankle and a little underneath the foot.

I think it should ease over time but In the meantime Im not putting too much pressure on it

Hopefully I'll b up and running in no time :-)


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