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Finding a 5K Fun run in the South West

Ideally I'm hunting a 5 K fun run in Cornwall/Devon in September/October - but for the life of me can't find one online anywhere half close by. Park Runs don't seem to have hit this part of the UK. Are there any Secret websites with information about races on? I've been to the Park Run site and the local running clubs (East Cornwall Harriers and Tamar Trotters) sites - but no luck....

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Ok - I'm stupid - just found the Park Run at Killerton in Devon.... One in Cornwall would be nice though... ;0)


This might help if you're looking for other non-Park Run events:


Thanks Frazzles.. it seems I need to get into Triathlons or Ultra Marathons!


I'm from Dorset and out local leisure centre organise fun runs, checked your local centre?

and aye, really love the idea of park runs but I have to travel either 50 miles to one you found or 55miles to the Poole one! Lets get some more park runs in the SW :D


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