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Only one more run to go!

I did W9R2 this morning - perfect conditions at 6.30am, but I confess I found it seriously hard today - so near stopping for a walk. But the thought of that shiny green badge kept me going! That and all the skinny youngsters zooming past.

My big fret now is... what do I do next? I don't want to do a 10K, but wouldn't mind trying to get my (pathetic) 3.8km nearer the 5km.

I'm rather hoping the new podcast will help keep me on the straight and narrow - without the targets, I'm in danger of giving up the ghost...

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Are you anywhere near a Parkrun? It would provide a weekly 5k focus with an official time for your efforts. For some reason, even though its not a race, my parkrun times are much faster than when I'm out on my own (PR run/walk on sat 45:04, 5k run/walk in park (mainly downhill) 55min 8am today)


Congratulations on your achievement! Somebody once mentioned that they were using these same podcasts to improve their speed. During the walking periods of the first weeks they would keep running but slower than during the other periods. I'm going to try that suggestion and see how it goes, and perhaps it's something you also would like to do.


I could have almost written this post myself except I did my run at 9am. Also found it seriously hard. I wanted to give up after only 7 minutes. I had to give my legs a good talking to as they wanted to stop and go home.

After my w9r3 I'm going to do what Eversohopeful suggests and use the earlier podcasts to jog where Laura says walk and speed up when she says run, then hopefully my speed will improve. I'll alternate this with 30 minute runs.


Thank you all! I think I'll do as you suggest and do jog/run instead of walk/run on some earlier podcasts.

Great suggestion, Kandoit, on Park Runs, but I confess it isn't really my scene. I prefer to suffer solo!

Christian1, here's to Friday's (easier?) run and our green badges!


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