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post glorius but glutenous holiday-tips for getting back to 5k

Im off on holiday to Turkey soon (yippee) and dont think that I will be doing much except wine/food/more wine/sunbathing(Iknow I shouldnt)/swim to cool off.Apart from drunken dancing as exercise, its 40+degrees at moment, what do folks recommend to ease myself back in? Is there a 'magic week' to return to and build back up-or just go for it and try and shift the 1/2 stone that somehow follows me home.

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First off, enjoy your holiday !

second, when you get back do one run of 20 minutes quite slowly and see how you get on.

Next run 25, next run back to 30.

I've just done that after a drunken week on a boat in the Norfolk Broads.

Was tough getting back to it but worked for me.

Have lots of fun.....that half stone will be gone in no time ! :) :)


I did that over my last holiday put on 7.5 ran the 20 when I got back but needed to break to 2 10,s 2nd time I nailed the 20 and felt redy to move it up. However onthe next run I decided to do a bike ride instead and the rest as they say is history.

Have a great holiday you will be fine.


Take your stuff with you, get up early (6am) and run! That's what we do and believe me we take full advantage of the alcohol on offer on holiday! My partner runs so we go together. At 6 am it's like a hot summers day here!

We also use the gym if it's air conditioned? It makes us feel like we can justify the food and alcohol! We try and run 3 times a week but I must admit I sometimes only manage 2 runs lol

Where are you going in Turkey? We are off to Side on 14 August!



Thats what i had originally planned to do-and it would fit in with fighting for a sunbed when I get back and collapse! We are going to Icmeler and there is a promenade which sounds lovely and I had visions of jogging along there. However in reality Ive found breathing difficult in recent warm weather here-so think I will just melt! There is a small gym, with a treadmill but it looks ancient and self propelling!


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