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Graduation disaster

Yesterday I should have graduated, however too start with I had a lot of technical problems phone kept turning off and couldn't get my holder strapped to my arm. Didn't feel quite right and although I ran just under 3 miles I stopped twice (which I had never done before). Today I feel awful, sore throat, swollen glands, sweats, cough etc. so it explains why I struggled yesterday.

I'm not going to count yesterdays run as my graduation, once I feel better I will do it in style and see if I can smash the 30 minute barrier.

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Yes, when I graduate I want it to be a clear 'win' too - even if I have to repeat it. Funny how running gives you the heads up on approaching sickness too right? Like you're more in tune with the way your body works. Good luck for the graduation run when it happens.


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